To some people an electric tooth brush might seem like a mimic but as a professional dentist office we want to tel you it is not. We have seen thousands of people see real benefits from electric tooth brushes, in this article we wanted to explain some of the benefits of using an electric tooth brush.

1. More movement

An electric toothbrush can work at up to 48,000 strokes in a minute! This is simply impossible for a human to accomplish. It will lead to a more thorough cleaning.

2. Helps Disabled people

If you are disabled in some way then an electric tooth brush could completely change your life. With an electric toothbrush all you have to do is turn it on a slowly move it over your teeth and it will do the cleaning for you.


You can actually get more done in less than a minute with an electric tooth brush than you can with 5 minutes of manual brushing.

2. Cheaper

The cost of an electric tooth burns is more expensive up front yes, but after the initial purchase all you have to do is periodically change out the brush head, with is much cheaper than a full tooth brush.