Most of us have good dental habits but even the most diligent people might be overlooking something they could be doing to make sure their teeth are as healthy as possible. In this blog post we talk about 4 things people commonly overlook when taking care of their teeth. 


Brushing Teeth Before Bedtime

It is routine for most people to brush their teeth first thing in the morning while getting ready to go to work, But a lot of people forget you should actually be brushing your teeth twice a day especially before bedtime. During the day you eat food which can then collect around your gums and if you let it stay there over night it can grow bacteria around your gums.

Avoiding Acidic Drinks

We all love cokes and soft drinks, they come with any meal you order at a fast food restaurant. Unfortunately soft drinks are actually extremely acidic and corrosive to your teeth. over time this can cause tooth decay. We aren’t saying you shouldn’t enjoy a soft drink every now and then but you should always be mindful of what they can do and try to limit your intake.

Flossing & Brushing Your Tongue

We don’t always floss every single day so it can be easy to forget. Leaving a note on your mirror is a great way to remind yourself to floss your teeth at least 3 times per week.  Most people also don’t think of their tongue as being a breeding ground for bacteria but it actually can be because this area is often overlooked so be sure to brush your tongue.

Regular Dentist Checkups

regular dentist checkups are essential to guaranteeing your overall dental health. A lot of people choose to not make the quarterly visits to a dentist office and this can be a huge mistake because dentists often can identify underlying causes of larger problems and fix them before they have a chance to fester into something more serious.
At Stella Dental Care we make it extremely easy to get regular check ups and we have experienced dental staff to help you on the road to better oral habits.
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